Take-all root rot lawn disease infected lawn in Tyler, TX.

Take-All Root Rot Control in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, Lindale, & Nearby Areas of TX

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Take-All Root Rot Control in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, TX & Surrounding Areas

Don't let take-all root rot take away your lawn's beautiful appearance.

At Salcido Lawn, we offer a preventative treatment for take-all root rot to prevent this lawn disease from getting a foothold on your lawn. If you find this disease actively damaging your grass, give us a call and we'll administer our curative treatment that will eradicate this disease from your lawn. We offer several lawn care services such as fertilization and weed control that will help boost the health of your lawn and reverse any damage caused by take-all root rot. We offer our take-all root rot treatments in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, and surrounding areas in Texas. Give us a call at (903) 502-0669 to schedule our curative or preventative take-all root rot treatments for your property.

We offer our preventative treatment to protect your lawn from take-all root rot.

Professional applying fungicide treatment to infected lawn in Noonday, TX.

Take-all root rot can cause extensive damage to lawns. We typically see damage from this lawn disease in the spring and fall, prompted by the big changes in temperature during this time of year. We offer our preventative take-all root rot treatment to prevent this lawn disease from ever getting a foothold in your lawn. We will come out to your property in the spring and apply our fungicide to effectively eradicate the fungus which causes the lawn disease before it can begin damaging your lawn.

Our curative take-all root rot treatment will stop this disease in its tracks.

Treating an outbreak of take-all root rot quickly is key to preventing it from spreading and causing extensive damage to your lawn. If you find take-all root rot is already damaging your lawn, give us a call and we can administer our curative fungicide to effectively stop the spread of this lawn disease throughout your lawn. Our lawn care professionals will treat the affected areas with fungicide and make sure there are no other areas affected by this root-damaging disease.

Our other lawn care services will help to nurse your lawn back to health.

Pre-emergent weed control treatment being applied to lawn in Flint, TX.

Once we have effectively dealt with take-all root rot in your lawn, we can then begin to nurse your lawn back to health with our lawn care services. Our lawn care professionals can discuss with you how our fertilization and weed control program can help repair damage from take-all root rot and also strengthen your grass so it can better prevent this damaging disease in the future. Your lawn will need to re-grow those areas that were damaged by take-all root rot and our fertilizer will provide vital nutrients to help it do just that. Weeds will try to grow into those bare spots, but our weed control treatments will stop them from doing so. That way, as your grass fills in those damaged areas, it won't have to compete with weeds to do so.

We use pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to eliminate weeds from your lawn.

Give us a call today to schedule our take-all root rot treatments.

Whether you are combating a current outbreak of take-all root rot or you are wanting to prevent one, we have the curative or preventative treatments your lawn needs to protect it from this lawn-damaging disease. We offer our take-all root rot control service to commercial, residential, and HOA property owners located in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, or surrounding areas in Texas. Call (903) 502-0669 to schedule our take-all root rot services for your property so your lawn doesn't suffer damage from this disease.