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Landscape Design & Installation in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, Lindale, & Nearby Areas of TX

Increase your property value with our stunning landscape design and installation service.

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Landscape Design & Installation in Tyler, TX & Nearby Areas Like Whitehouse & Flint

We'll consider everything from your soil quality to how your landscape looks against your property in our design.

Our comprehensive landscape design and installation service will see to it that your landscape is thoughtfully curated with many factors in mind, including the area, soil, sun, shade, and overall look against your property. We can create a 2D landscape design rendering that you can commission a la carte or, if you do the installation with us, that design fee will be rolled into the cost of the project. We commonly install perennials like pavonias, verbenas, and white rain lilies, as well as annuals such as pansies, begonias, pentas, and more!

We offer this service to commercial, residential, and HOA property owners in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, and surrounding cities in Texas. To get started on your project, call us today at (903) 502-0669!

Our expert team will consider a myriad of landscape design elements, including the soil and sun in your area.

Two Salcido landscape professionals discussing the design for a landscape project in Lindale, TX.

When redoing your landscape, you want to be sure that the result is a polished design, and that's exactly what we provide. Our expert designers will thoughtfully consider the factors of your landscape, including:

  • Soil quality and type
  • Sun exposure
  • Shade
  • How it's going to look against your property

Because we consider these design elements, the new landscape will fit in perfectly to your property, as if it was always meant to be there! It also ensures that the plants we're putting in the area are going to thrive in that space.

We can create a 2D landscape design rendering for your project.

To give you a visual of what we've designed, we can create a 2D landscape design rendering that will show our plan in the context of your space. This helps to make sure everyone is on the same page and serves as an excellent reference to ensure the vision isn't lost over the duration of the project. We offer this service as a standalone option or, if you decide to go with us for the installation (and we hope you do!), we'll roll the design fee into the cost of the project. With our expert team on the case and a 2D rendering at hand, your installation will go off without a hitch!

We're a proud member of the Texas National Landscape Association!

We can plant perennial and annual flowers in our landscape designs.

To add the color and variety to your landscape that really makes it pop, we have a few favorite flowers that thrive in our area. Perennials will regrow every spring, whereas annuals will last for about one growing season and then you can change it up again.

Perennials we love include:

  • Blue plumbagos
  • Cigar plants
  • Lantanas
  • Pavonias
  • Verbenas
  • White rain lilies

We often plant annuals like:

  • Pansies
  • Begonias
  • Vincas
  • Coleus
  • Pentas

The list of possible flowers is huge, so take the above as inspiration! When we begin designing your landscape, we'll talk through the options to find the perfect fit for you and your property so you'll be coming home to a stunning landscape that speaks to you.

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You won't find a team more dedicated to producing high-quality results than ours here at Salcido Lawn. Our goal is not only to make you happy with our service, but so thrilled that you allow us the honor of taking care of your lawn and landscape for years to come. Forever, if we had it our way! To earn that right, we bring 110% effort to every job, including our landscape design and installation. If you're in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, or a nearby city in Texas and ready to get started, call us today at (903) 502-0669 for a quote!