Irrigation start up installation in Tyler, TX.

Irrigation Start-Ups in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, Lindale, & Nearby Areas of TX

Our start-up service will get your irrigation running properly and efficiently after the winter season.

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Irrigation Start-Ups in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, TX & Surrounding Cities

We've been offering our irrigation services since 2003!

Whether your irrigation system has been down for a season or many seasons, our irrigation start-up service is a great way to ensure it starts working as it was designed and at peak efficiency. All the water in the world does your plants no good if it isn't headed in their direction. During our start-up procedure, we'll make sure that the sprinkler heads are all working, adjusted properly, and pointed toward the proper zones. We'll check your entire irrigation system to ensure that each component such as valves, timers, and rain sensors are working as they should and don't have any leaks. Once we safely pressurize your system, we'll look for any areas that may have gotten damaged while your system was inoperable. If any areas need repairs, we can handle them while we are right there. If the repairs require more resources than we currently have available, we can schedule a time to come out and fix the issue.

We offer our irrigation start-up service in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, and throughout the surrounding areas of Texas. Our start-up service is a great way to get your irrigation up and running properly, so call (903) 502-0669 to schedule our service today!

We'll adjust your sprinkler heads for peak efficiency.

Turning on the valves so water flows through your irrigation system is only part of the equation. For your system to operate at peak efficiency and supply your plants with the necessary amount of water, your irrigation must be sending water to the proper places. During our irrigation start-up service, we'll check and adjust each of the sprinkler heads if necessary. We'll make sure they are reaching the right zones and providing the right amount of water to keep your plants hydrated.

We'll check that each irrigation component is working properly.

Irrigation specialist performing start up for an irrigation system in Tyler, TX.

There are a lot of components working together to make your irrigation system work properly. During our start-up service, we go through the entire system, checking for proper operation and looking for any signs of leaks or damage. Several tasks we'll perform while bringing your irrigation system back online include:

  • Safely pressurizing the system
  • Checking the operation of all valves and drains
  • Ensuring that timers are active and adjusted properly
  • Checking that rain sensors are working properly
  • And more!

We'll inspect your system for damage, broken parts, and leaks.

If your irrigation system has been down for a while, any damage might not be readily noticeable and components that worked the last time, may not work now. When we start your irrigation system back up, we'll check for any damage, broken parts, or leaks. If we notice any areas of concern, we can fix the issue while we're right there. If the repair would require more parts or resources than we currently have available, we can schedule a time for us to come back in the near future to complete the repair.

Some common repairs we make include fixing broken lines and replacing worn-out sprinkler heads.

Schedule our start-up service for your irrigation system today!

Irrigation start up in process in Lindale, TX.

Having a properly-operating irrigation system is very important in Texas and our start-up service is a great way to ensure your system works properly and efficiently as possible. We offer our irrigation start-up service to residential and commercial properties in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, and surrounding areas of Texas. Give us a call at (903) 502-0669 to schedule our start-up for your system and give your plants the water they need to stay healthy!