Sprinkler watering green lawn in Tyler, TX.

Irrigation Services in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, Lindale, & Nearby Areas of TX

Keep your lawn hydrated and healthy with our irrigation services.

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Professional Irrigation Services in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, TX & Surrounding Cities

Our team is highly trained in all things irrigation, from installations and repairs to winterizations and start-ups!

Irrigation is the simplest and most efficient solution for watering your landscape, and our experts know all the ins and outs of how to manage an irrigation system. If you need a brand new system installed, our technicians will design, install, and set it up for you so it's ready to go as soon as we're done! If you have a current system that needs repair, we can do that too. Proper yearly care is important for your irrigation system as well, including winterization to prep for the cold and start-ups to turn it back on again come spring and catch any problems early!

Our irrigation services are available for commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Tyler, Whitehouse, Flint, and nearby cities in Texas. Make sure your lawn has the hydration it needs to thrive and call us today at (903) 502-0669 to schedule!

Irrigation Installation

Irrigation system being installed by Salcido professionals in Lindale, TX.

Whether you're needing an irrigation system installed for your commercial, residential, or HOA property, we've got your back! We'll design, install, and set up your new system, ensuring that it's optimized for your landscape's specific hydration needs. We use only the top brands in the business, including Hunter and Rain Bird. Once we're through, your brand new irrigation system will be perfectly operational and you'll begin to see your lawn thrive, now bolstered with the optimal watering schedule!

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Irrigation Repair

Irrigation technician repairing broken irrigation system in Whitehouse, TX.

If your current irrigation system isn't quite functioning as it should, don't fret! We are well-versed in all types of problems common in irrigation systems and how to repair them. This can include cracked pipes, broken sprinkler heads, leaking sprinklers, clogged sprinkler heads, and more! The last thing you want is sections of your lawn to be under or overwatered because your system isn't working right, but with us on the case, you'll have nothing to worry about. We'll get your irrigation system back up and running like new in no time!

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We hold weekly trainings with our crews and ongoing education for irrigation services to stay ahead of the curve!

Irrigation Winterization

Irrigation specialist prepping irrigation system for winterization in Noonday, TX.

As winter approaches, it's important to properly decommission your irrigation system over the season with winterization. Our professional winterization service will help prevent costly repairs that could result from improper preparation. We'll ensure there is no water in your system over winter, which if left behind, can freeze, expand, and cause damage to your sprinkler heads, pipes, and more.

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Irrigation Start-Ups

Start up on an irrigation system in Flint, TX.

Once the weather starts to turn and spring is in the air, our irrigation start-up service will get your system back up and running with the special post-winter care it needs. Our team will perform a thorough check of the system to locate potential leaks, broken sensors, and malfunctioning sprinkler heads. We'll also make sure that all your zones are appropriately attuned to the needs of your landscape. With our professional eyes identifying problems early so they can be fixed, everything will be functioning perfectly when the summer heat arrives!

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Salcido Lawn is a locally owned and operated lawn and landscaping company, born out of the express intention to bring best-in-class services to you! We pride ourselves on the effort we pour into each and every job we do, including our irrigation services. Good irrigation is the foundation of a healthy lawn, so it's essential that you entrust your system to people who are fluent in all things irrigation. That's us! If you're in Tyler, TX or nearby cities like Whitehouse and Flint, we're ready to serve you. Call (903) 502-0669 today to get a quote for your next irrigation service!