Flowers are the go-to when you're looking to add beautiful bright colors and contrast to your landscape beds. While the weather in Texas can be hot and harsh, some flowers will thrive regardless, bringing an eye-catching, lively display to your property. Begonias, vincas, coleus, and pentas are flowers that require little maintenance and can thrive in even the hottest weather. Begonias grow attractive flowers, and their blooms can be pink, yellow, red, or white. Vincas are heat-tolerant flowers that can be white, pink, mauve, or red. Coleus is an easy-to-grow plant that's known for its vibrant, colorful foliage. Pentas blooms all summer and can be pink, red, white, or lavender. These 4 flowers are perfect additions to your landscape beds and will add pops of color that enhance your property's curb appeal!

1. Begonias

Begonia annual flower bloomed in landscape bed in Tyler, TX.

Begonias can make for beautiful additions to your landscape beds, blooming rounded, dense flowers that can be pink, yellow, red, or white. They're a low-maintenance flower, though they grow best in bright areas with indirect sunlight and fertile, well-drained soil. Begonias thrive in hot weather, making them excellent heat-tolerant options, and only require moderate watering. Common types include wax, tuberous, and angel wing begonias.

2. Vincas

Vinca annual flowers planted in Tyler, TX.

Vincas are another beautiful flower that will complement your landscape beds with circular white, pink, mauve, or red petals. They also have attractive foliage - their leaves are a glossy green - and can grow between 8-12 inches tall. Vincas are heat-tolerant and thrive in dry soil, so they don't require much watering. However, they do grow best in well-drained soil that is exposed to a lot of sun. These flowers are not just appealing to the human eye but to butterflies as well.

3. Coleus

Coleus planting in landscape bed in Tyler, TX.

Coleus plants are part of the mint family and are well-known for their vibrant and colorful foliage, making them the center of attention in your landscape beds. Their leaves can be a combination of colors including green, yellow, pink, red, and maroon. Coleus plants are unique and easy to grow, requiring little maintenance from you! They don't need much to be happy, though they prefer partial shade and fertile, well-drained soil.

4. Pentas

Pentas annual flowers planted in landscape bed in Tyler, TX.

Pentas are gorgeous flowers that bloom all summer in Texas! Their flowers grow in clusters and have five-pointed petals that can be pink, red, white, or lavender. Pentas are durable flowers; they can survive even the hottest summers and are low-maintenance, though they will need well-drained, moist soil. They prefer full sun, which there is no shortage of in Texas. What's more, they also attract the likes of hummingbirds and butterflies!

Pentas are also referred to as the "Egyptian Star Flower" due to their five-pointed petals.

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