Lawn mowing is - arguably - the most popular and well-known lawn maintenance service. After all, everyone's grass grows and needs routine mowing to keep it looking beautiful and well maintained. In Texas, the grass grows year-round, and you may be considering hiring a lawn mowing company to maintain it. Before hiring a company to mow your lawn, you will want to ask them about their mowing schedule, what's included with the mowing program, and whether they follow best practices during their service. You want to ensure your lawn is in good hands before hiring a company to mow it, and this blog discusses the questions to ask to find the right company for the job.

1. What is the company's mowing schedule?

Cut lawn in Tyler, TX.

You want a lawn mowing company to have a schedule tailored to the grass in that area, and in Texas, grass grows all year. Therefore, first and foremost, you want to ensure they mow your lawn year-round and don't take winters off. They should also change up their mowing schedule according to what's best for your grass. Your grass grows most actively during the warmer months; you'll need a company to mow your grass every week during these months to keep up with its growth. On the other hand, weekly mowing can harm your lawn once growth slows down in the wintertime. You'll want to search for a company that's knowledgeable about the growth rates in our area and ensure they slow down to bi-weekly mowing in the winter.

The grasses in Texas are warm-season types. Warm-season grasses thrive and do most of their growing when temperatures remain between 75 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. What's included with the mowing program?

Blower for debris removal after lawn mowing services in Chandler, TX.

It takes more than just mowing to keep your lawn looking its best, and you should look for a company that also includes additional services to their mowing program, including:

  • Edging - Edging gives your lawn a crisp, clean-cut appearance around where it meets hardscapes, such as your driveway and sidewalks.
  • String-trimming - String-trimming helps to get to any areas the mower can't reach, which ensures all the grass is the same length.
  • Blowing - Blowing will clear any grass clippings off of your sidewalks, driveway, and hardscape features so your property is clean and neat.

3. Does the company follow best mowing practices?

Mower with grass clippings being blown out in Tyler, TX.

While mowing may seem straightforward, it's more complicated than you think. If best practices aren't followed during a mow, your grass could end up being damaged. Before hiring a company to mow your lawn, make sure they follow proper mowing practices. These practices include:

  • Mulching the grass clippings and leaving them on your lawn to return nutrients to the soil
  • Adjusting and rotating the mowing patterns every visit to prevent ruts from forming on your lawn and to keep your grass from leaning in one direction
  • Adjusting the mower height according to the season to keep it at an ideal length year-round

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