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What to do with all your leaves!!!

by Feb 26, 2019

Hey there I missed Marvin Salcido with South Sudan and I’m out here today mulching up some leaves and I wanted to talk to you about leaves for a moment I got asked a question the other day why we don’t bag all of our leaves and just wanted to talk with you all about that a recent study by the University of Michigan showed that by mulching up your leaves and letting it decompose on your lawn and then feeding your lawn with like a nitrous nitrogen-based fertilizer will actually help improve your soil and it’ll save you tons and tons of work you won’t have to keep adding other another nutrients because this these leaves break down and help improve and give your soil a much better makes it much better so if you want to do this yourself go out mulcher leaves up I’ve actually have on the side of our mower here we’ve got a mulch plate here so it doesn’t side discharged to shoot everything out but it recirculates inside the mower and we it allows it to cut the leaves up into tiny pieces and then it just decomposes in the soil now the thing is sometimes when there’s massive amounts of leaves on the ground and we mulch over them it does get too thick to leave on the grass so at that point what we do is after we mulch everything up real good we’ll come back behind and we’ll rake a layer of that those leaves up and we’ll bag them up and take them away because you can you can almost suffocate your soil or your grass and then you don’t want to do that so make sure that when you mulch it up that it’s not completely covering your grass but it leaves just a good nice little layer and actually you almost don’t want to see it you want it to fall inside the between the blades of grass so if you have any questions please leave a comment below give us a shout again Marvin Salcido with South Seattle lon and you all have wonderful day.