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What should you wear while spraying your yard with pre-emergent?

by | Feb 26, 2019

Hello friends this is Marvin Salcido here with Salcido Lawn and I’m out here at a client’s property spraying their yard today with some pre-emergent and I just wanted to make a quick video to remind you that when you’re out spraying pre-emergent on your property to make sure that you’re wearing the proper PPE or personal protection equipment whenever you are using the chemicals and mixing them you always want to make sure that you’re wearing proper safety gloves and you want to make sure you want to get some that are chemical resistant so that the you’re not gonna get anything that’s gonna leach through and stick to your skin because you know you never know by accident you may rub your face or accidentally you know sneeze or something like that you don’t want to get those chemicals inside your mouth or inside your nose so make sure that you’re wearing the proper safety gloves as soon as I take my as soon as I get finished spraying a property I take people take my gloves off and I discard them I put a new set on every property I also make sure that I’m wearing safety glasses especially when I’m mixing my chemicals because I want to make sure that nothing splashes back and hits me in the eye and if you can see down here I’m wearing my rubber boots because you you don’t want to walk through your pre-emergent and then when you get home you’re wearing the same shoes that you were wearing spraying the yard and you track it through your house because especially if you have babies or anything like that you don’t want to track that the the boots that I wear I actually take off before I go home and they stay at my shop I have a totally different pair of boots that I wear for when I’m out spraying pre-emergence so please take all the proper safety equipment in and the the proper PPE list will be in the MSDS label on your chemicals so make sure that label that folds out on your chemicals make sure and read through that because you you want to make sure that you’re wearing the proper safety equipment for the chemical that you’re using different chemicals require different levels of PPE so please be careful when you’re out there and make sure stay safe and you all have wonderful day.