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The best defense is a good offense

by | Feb 26, 2019

Hello friends it’s Marvin Salcido here with Salcido lawn and I wanted to take just a minute and talk with you about killing weeds now the with weed prevention the best defense is a good offense so in other words preventing your weeds from ever coming up is the best way to take care of your weeds and right now this time of year we’re putting out pre-emergent to help prevent the weeds from ever germinating and growing up in your yard so if you’re gonna help your yard be a weed free yard this coming year right now is when you need to start thinking about killing your weeds or better preventing them from ever coming up so if you’re gonna do it yourself get a good pre-emergent and put it out on your yard right now now we here at Salcido lawn we prefer using a liquid pre-emergent because it instantly activates and it helps take care of the weeds right away rather than a granular pre-emergent which once you put it down you have to water it in and then it’s activated but either way getting a pre-emergent down right now is gonna help your yard be weed free this coming year if you have any questions or there’s any other way that we can help you please let us know and hey you all have a wonderful day.