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Some ladder safety tips, for when you put up your Christmas Lights

by Feb 26, 2019

Hello good afternoon I wanted to make a quick video to show you something if you were installing your own Christmas lights this year – please be super careful many people I’ve seen this year alone they they’re putting their ladder up the wrong way and when they go to climb on to their house they’re doing it in a very unsafe manner I saw a guy just yesterday climbing he was doing some lights on his tree and he had his ladder at about an angle like this and as you can see I’ve got to lean over just to reach the ladder and when he ladders like this it’s prone when you’re up high at the bottom of your ladder can slip out and of course that does that creates a fall hazard and you could break an arm or break a leg and I would absolutely hate to see that happen then again you got the total opposite and you got people that put the ladder almost straight up and down and they got the fire escape as I call it and your ladder is way too straight and when you climb it you feel like you’ve got to lean in really far to be able to even reach you know be in a safe manner to be up here but what that’s prone to is your ladder falling backwards so please don’t do that now what you want is you want your ladder at about a 75 degree angle the best way that I found to do this is you stand up straight and you put your hands out straight now if you’re standing up straight and your hands are out straight you should be able to reach the ladder and that’s a pretty good angle to be able to climb the ladder safely and you always want to make sure you’ve got three points of contact with the ladder at all times so please don’t be doing any of this don’t be trying to reach out and stretch and get those lines because in your ladder is going to fall over sideways so please be safe about as you’re out this year putting up your Christmas lights three points of contacts that mean it’s two feet one hand at all times as you’re climbing you’re going up going down don’t do the firemen as you go to go down and let go and slide down it’s really unsafe so make sure as you climb up climb down three points of contact at all time please be safe as you’re out there putting up your Christmas lights this year if you don’t want to tackle it you want us to do it just give us a shout over here at Salcido lawn we’d love to put a quote together for you and please be safe you all have a wonderful day.