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Proof That Pre emergents Work

by | Feb 26, 2019

Hello friends it’s Marvin Salcido here with Salcido Lawn you know wanted to take a minute and show you something too here at one of our clients houses if you’ll see this see behind me look at this line in the grass that is a visible line of where our clients property has been treated with our treatment program and pre-emergent but the property next door has not we’ve been able to keep our clients yard weed free through the power of pre-emergent and that’s why I wanted to encourage you if you have not done it yet please get your pre-emergent out you trust me you will thank me later because that is gonna protect your yard from popping up come springtime in summertime give me that pre-emergent out now that’s gonna create a barrier to the ground and help prevent those just let us know you can click the link below it’ll send me all the information there that you need or that I can help out with your yard here and if there’s any other way that we can help you if you have some questions leave a message below we’ll help you out however we can hey thank y’all so much y’all have a wonderful day.