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How to properly trim Crape Myrtles.

by | Feb 26, 2019

Hello this is Marvin Salcido here with Salcido Lawn and I wanted to make a quick video to show you how we as lawn maintenance professionals trim crape myrtles now a lot of people come through and they crepe murder and we should not create murder because crepe lives matter and what the proper way that we have found to trim crepe myrtles is you don’t just come through and hack them off straight across because that as as you probably seen a lot of places around town that creates those big knots and those big balls at the end of the are at the tops of the crepe myrtles and doesn’t really give you a real nice healthy looking crepe myrtle what we do and as you can see that Benny’s doing right here is we come through and we cut any of the any of the branches that are like about smaller than the width of your pinkie we go through and we trim them off and then we’re going to come through and any of these branches up here that are pointing towards the house we’re gonna take those off and remove them and that allows the crape myrtle to grow up and be nice and strong and healthy so so just remember it’s when you come through and you trim your crepe myrtles to take anything that’s smaller than the width of your pinky it’s a little more time-consuming to do it this way but in the end it’ll give you a much better cleaner result another thing that we’re gonna do is you can see we’ve got a small GIMP little branch right here that didn’t do anything after we trimmed it last year so we’re gonna go ahead and remove this branch completely because it’s not doing anything at all so in the end we’re gonna have a much nice nicer cleaner crepe myrtle and I’ll take some after pictures to show you what they look like so remember anything smaller than with your pinky any branches that are crossing go ahead and take those out because they’re they’re not going to produce or they’re going to end up creating some knots from where they’re rubbing back and I think you’ll be happier with the end result so thank you all so much and y’all have a wonderful day.