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How to attach Christmas lights where there is no place for a clip.

by Feb 26, 2019

Hey guys it’s Marvin Salcido with Salcido Lawn here and I wanted to show you another trick of the trade for doing partial Christmas lighting if you ever get to a spot and you’re having trouble there’s no place for clamps no place for magnetic clips hot glue our blue is your friend with Marshall Christmas line then you just adhere it until where you’re needing to go let it dry and you’re good to go at the end of the season like in January when you’re ready pull the Christmas lights down hot glue peels right off but always test it make sure that you’re not going to peel the paint off with the hot glue sometimes it can peel the paint off we tested it in a non conspicuous area before we tried this out before we did it and we’re good to go so hot glue is your friend with commercial Christmas lighting.