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How to attach Christmas Lights to a metal roof.

by Feb 26, 2019

Hello everyone it’s Marvin Salcido with cell seed along here I’m up on top of the roof at where’s Rufus sports car and we’re doing a quick Christmas light installation and we are using these really nifty magnetic clips I wanted to show them to you real quick right here as you can see they just clip onto the bottom of the light and then they attach to the metal roof I came and checked I came and checked beforehand to see if they had a metal roof and they’ve got galvanized around the top of the roof here all the way around and so we’re very quickly able to install this these lights all the way around the top of the structure here and makes it makes for an easy install and it keeps everything nice neat and straight so if you’ve got a metal roof magnetic clips are absolutely the way to go check them out they’re a little bit more expensive but they weren’t great the long run so y’all have a wonderful day.