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How much mulch to put in your flowerbed?

by | Feb 26, 2019

Hey there is Marvin Salcido with Salceda lawn is cold outside we’ve got a little bit of snow yesterday if you could call that eight snowflakes that hit my truck snow it’s cold and you’re wondering you you might be wondering what do you do in December in Texas well I’ll tell you what we what’s a great thing to do right now and that is put mulch in your flowerbeds mulching in your flowerbeds is a great thing to do this time of year it helps insulate the ground protects the roots of your plants and mulch also is a natural weed barrier and helps helps the weeds from popping up because we do get winter weeds here in Texas and this helps to prevent the weeds from popping up so now is a perfect time to mulch your flowerbeds you want to do a good layer of mulch about two to three inches you don’t want to go more than that because then you’ll start messing up the bottom of your your plants and you can actually start rotting around the base of your plants so you don’t want to do that you want about a good two to three inch layer of mulch it creates a good insulation for your plants so again mulch this is a double shredded hardwood mulch that we’re putting down here if you’d like a quote give us a shout you can reach us on our website at and we’d love to put together quote for you and help you out you’ll have a wonderful day.