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Helpful tool for when you are on the roof of a house installing Christmas Lights

by Feb 26, 2019

Hey guys it’s Marvin Salcido here with Salcido Lawn over in Tyler Texas and I wanted to make a quick video to help some of you Christmas light installers out show you a little tool i picked up that’s been very helpful for when we’re up on the roof when you’re up on the roof what do you always need you always need something that’s on the ground whether it’s clips or you need a male or a female plug for the end of a strand well right here I picked up this little tool or this little bag over at Home Depot if I remember correctly was five dollars and let me show you right here it’s got you open the top here you put all your stuff right inside and then it’s just got this little drawstring right here and you just drawstring it closed and then I put a carabiner on it and we just clip it to our belt or clip it to our pants loop and go up on the roof so there you have it easy peasy climb up on the roof everything you need is right there I remember back in the day I used to fill my pockets I always made sure whenever I was doing a roof install I wore cargo pants and I’d cram my pockets full of extra clips and bulbs and stuff like that well gone into the day of that because I found this super awesome tool bag that just hangs on your belt loop over at Home Depot if I remember like I said I think it’s 5 bucks super cheap investment and it will save you a ton of time so hope that helps you all have a wonderful day.