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Don’t trim your flowers off

by | Feb 26, 2019

Hello friends it’s Marvin Salcido here with Salcido Lawn and I wanted to take just a moment and talk with you about spring trimmings right now you may be tempted as you can see there’s more pedaling behind me is a little a little out of whack here and you may be tempted to come want to come in and trim it down but right now is not a real good time to trim your lower pedal um your Indian Hawthorns Azalea stuff like that because if they’re not already blooming they will be blooming very soon as you can see these Indian Hawthorns right here they’re starting to bud you can see the buds starting to come up right here and those will be turning into flowers really soon so if you can hold off don’t trim them yet because you’ll be sorely disappointed with the results because what will happen is you’ll trim all the flowers off and you won’t get very many buds that come out so wait until after they drop their flowers then you can come in and trim them back so again don’t don’t trim back too far for anything that flowers right now because they’re going to be flowering really soon so anyway if you have any questions please give me a shout y’all have a wonderful day.