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Auditing your sprinkler system could save you tons of money!!!

by Feb 26, 2019

Hello friends I wanted to talk with you today about the importance of irrigation maintenance over here at a new client’s house and we’re running through their irrigation system they just bought this house and so we’re discovering that the irrigation system has not been properly maintained in a while and so I wanted to show you a couple of things as you can see right here we’ve got a busted sprinkler head one thing that you may not realize is how much water a busted sprinkler head will waste a single busted sprinkler head can waste up to 750 gallons of water per hour and imagine if you have multiple busted sprinkler heads on a single irrigation system you could be wasting thousands of gallons of water every single time that you water your lawn and we would just absolutely hate to see that another thing that we find with irrigation systems is as your sprinkler heads get older they begin to leak as you can see with this this sprinkler head right here it’s beginning to leak around the top of the sprinkler head and so this this sprinkler head needs to be replaced even though it seems to be spraying just fine it’s leaking a lot of water we’ve got another one that’s doing that right over here actually this one and this one way over here are both leaking a lot of water and that that wastes tons and tons of water so one thing you want to do is have whether you do it yourself or you have a licensed irrigator come out and take a look at your property it’s important to maintain your irrigation system so that you get new you can have a healthy lawn and one thing you want to look out for especially here in Texas whenever you have hire somebody to look at your irrigation system you want to make sure that they are a licensed irrigator one simple way that you can tell is look for a number on their on their truck they’re required by law Oh getting sprayed with sprinkler right there they’re required by law to have their license number displayed on their truck in two inch letters on both sides of the truck as you can see here so and if you have any question asked us to take a look at their license there were required to carry our license with us everywhere that we’re working on an irrigation system I’ve got my license with me right now so anybody wants to take a look at ask me I’ll show you and if you need somebody to look at your irrigation system it your discovering that it’s a little more than you want to tackle feel free to give us a shout we’d love to take a look at your irrigation system you can give us a shout here at South cedar lawn at 903 502 0mo that’s 903 502 zero six six nine make sure you’re taking care of your sprinkler system we need to conserve water be good stewards of everything that has been given to us make sure we’re not wasting water like we see right here I’m fixing a fix of sprinkler head so you all have a wonderful day if you have any questions give me a shout.