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Are those crop circles in your yard?

by | Feb 26, 2019

Good morning friends it’s Marvin Salcido here with Salcido Lawn and I wanted to make a quick video to point out something that we’ve been seeing happen in the yards around here in East Texas as you see behind me here this big yellow spot it’s called brown patch and we see it attacking st. Augustine especially this time of year when we have these big dips in the temperature when it’s real cool in the morning it’s warm in the afternoon when you see about those 30-degree swings and temperatures that’s that’s when you you can see brown patch and it’s real real prevalent but it’s super super treatable what it is is it’s a fungus that attacks the st. Augustine and it needs to be treated with a fungicide and you you treat the fungicide or treat the the grass with the fungicide then you wait about 14 days and you come back and you treat it again and then it’s highly suggested that you treat it with a different chemical the second time because they can become resistant to the chemical to the initial one so it’s super treatable just hit it with some fungicide a lot of times we use a granular and you spread it out and we’ll treat about ten foot past the affected area all the way around and then we’ll come back in here in about two weeks and treat it again so if you have this problem you need a quote hey just give me a shout we’d love to put a quote together for you you can send me a message here on Facebook or you can call our office at 903 502 zero six six nine that’s 903 502 zero six six nine and we’d love to help you out hey thank you so much y’all have a wonderful day.